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E-Z KENNEL CROCK is the newest E-Z Crock product.  This great crock is our biggest and most adaptable yet.  With this new design, the E-Z KENNEL CROCK is able to adjust to almost any cage wire size.  It holds approx. 48 oz. and will work on most kennels and cages for cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits and other small animals.

As with our other E-Z Crock products, the E-Z KENNEL CROCK easily attaches to your kennel or cage with the easy on/off wedge.

This new crock will work great for pet stores, veterinarians, dog breeders, cat breeders, and more.  If you would like more information about E-Z KENNEL CROCK or any of the E-Z Crock products, feel free to contact us.

Below, you can see pictures of the E-Z KENNEL CROCK attached to a variety of kennels/cages, each with a different size of wire.


E-Z Kennel Crock

E-Z Kennel Crock fits most cage wire

E-Z Kennel Crock...another E-Z Crock Product





Large Dog Kennel          Large Dog Kennel            Cat Kennel

Crock fits cat kennels, dog kennels even chain link fence

E-Z Kennel Crock for your small animal needs

E-Z Crock Product

  Cat Kennel                           Chain Link Fence               Dog Kennel

Puppies love it

cats love this crock

Small animal crock...E-Z Kennel Crock





 Portable Dog Kennel                 Dog Kennel                  Portable Dog Kennel


E-Z Crock Products....easy on and easy off

  Portable Dog Kennel

 The above pictures were taken in a local veterinarians office.

E-Z KENNEL CROCK will be available in light blue and light gray, the same as our other E-Z Crock products.